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Promoting Legacy Planning

One of man's greatest fears is not leaving a mark when she or he is gone. Our mission is to enable people to leave a lasting legacy through planned giving.

Most small organizations lack capacity to promote planned giving. While most consultants talk to them about what to do, we are different. We do it for them. We get donors to take action by exciting their imagination, exploring the opportunities, and instilling urgency.

We directly support non-profit organizations and work in concert with other consultants.

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Training Workshops

Want to break free of the frustrations and move ahead? All it might take is a fresh idea. We present programs for:

  • General small business
  • Financial advisory services
  • Legacy planning
  • Charity fundraising

Our programs empower attendees to overcome business challenges and grow. Attendees walk away with ideas they can immediately put into action.

All presentations are customized for relevancy to your organization.

Let us present interesting solutions at your next team meeting or conference.

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Book: Stop Banging Your Head

Break Through The Wall

In the book Stop Banging Your Head author Bill Van Hoy reveals how small business owners find themselves frustrated by lack of progress. They feel as if banging their heads against a wall due to the complications and demands of running a business.

Follow the stories of three business professionals on a journey of exploration discovering five powerful business practices in "The Business Breakout Blueprint."

After reading Stop Banging Your Head you will be equipped with tools and strategies to confront your own challenges and break through your own Wall Of Frustration.

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