Get High Value Clients Growth Program

Banging Your Business Head?

Entrepreneurs and small business leaders work harder than anyone on being productive and successful. But even the most driven go-getters often reach a wall where processes get complicated and forward progress stalls. This is followed by frustration as longer work hours deliver no solution.

Value Marketing Systems founder Bill Van Hoy, CFP® delivers a transformative solution. He is a seasoned advisor and author whose differentiated thinking helps small business professionals break through their walls - by carefully assessing where they are, defining how they want to improve, showing them the way and keeping them accountable.

Benefit from a New Perspective

Bill compares his unique approach to fog lights on an automobile. When nighttime fog rolls in, drivers strain to see what obstacles may be in the way. Turning on high-beam headlights actually makes things worse by blinding them with reflection. Fog lights are the answer. They provide an alternative perspective by illuminating the path ahead from a completely new angle.

That is how Bill's approach helps. With pinpoint precision, his approach looks at things from a different perspective to help small business pros see the things in their way and holding them back. This approach is reflected in the Get High Value Clients Growth Program that empowers business leaders to accomplish three critically important things:

  • Clearly identify the most critical obstacles and deploy practical strategies to quickly overcome them.
  • Reframe their workloads to stay laser focused on the important profit-making tasks.
  • Differentiate themselves to attract ideal, high-value clients who will keep asking them for more.

Get Growing Again

Are you a small business leader ready for your own breakthrough - increased profitability and better quality of life? Then request a complimentary Business Impact Assessment by simply clicking here.

Maybe you also want to learn more. Read Bill's latest book, "Stop Banging Your Head: Break Through the Wall of Frustration in Small Business".  It is available now on Amazon.

Book: Stop Banging Your Head