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Ever wonder why certain financial advisors are successful while others aren't? Many still struggle to simultaneously manage the key tasks of running a practice. Is it just work ethic or is there something more?

Advisors are making four big mistakes today just as others did twenty years ago. These mistakes cripple growth and manifest into huge frustration. They are:

  • Failing to delegate routine process tasks that can be done by staff
  • Failing to differentiate the uniqueness of their value proposition
  • Failing to structure their business model to promote recurring revenue
  • Failing to prepare for transition while they are still growing

Bill Van Hoy, CFP®, explains the consequences of these mistakes and how to resolve them in his engaging and informative style designed to improve your organization's productivity and bottom-line.

Advisors are empowered with tactics and systems to overcome business challenges with customized team training (from one to two hours). Let Bill present these powerful solutions at your next regional conference or sales meeting.

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Below are summaries of some programs. All can be tailored and combined to suit your organization.


Multiply Your Income By Delegating

Business professionals can add to their income by working longer hours or they can multiply their income by forming a team to help them do more. Teamwork is proving to be the key to success in all sorts of business areas and generating great results.

Learn when to build a team, what tasks to delegate, how to manage expectations, how to compensate, when to outsource, how to systematize production processes, how to systematize client service processes, and how to automate marketing systems. Come away ready to take action.


Differentiate Yourself with Premium Delivery

Clients want expert advice and service. Yet how does an advisor demonstrate their uniqueness from the competition? The answer lies in unique delivery. You see, it is not enough to be the best at what you do, rather it is being the only one who delivers it the way you do.

Discover the power of premium delivery. Learn why perceived value is so critical, how to convert standard services to premium services, how to apply impactful names to your processes, and more. Come away ready to transform your business.


Eliminate the Peaks and Valleys

Transactional sales routinely signal the temporary end of a blossoming relationship. Once the sale is concluded there is no expectation for additional sales or delivery of value. You are out of business until the next sale. Hence the peaks and valleys of income. There is a better way - recurring revenue.

Learn why fifty percent of companies have adopted or planning to adopt recurring revenue models. Discover the steps to convert your existing transactional model to recurring revenue. Discover how Type-V service is the secret to a major breakthrough.


Prepare While You Are Still Growing

Many business professionals ignore thoughts of transition planning until circumstances are thrust upon them, whether it be retirement, career change, disability, or even worse - a premature death. Regardless of the reason, all business owners are going to leave their business eventually.

Maximize the value of your business and position yourself to avoid the dangers of a fire sale at the last minute. Learn the fundamental methods of valuing a business including seven factors that boost the valuation multiple of the sales price. At the end the attendees will come away with tools and strategies to build equity in their businesses.

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A high-performing personal financial advisor for over twenty years, Bill Van Hoy, CFP®, is a dynamic speaker who helps small business owners think and act like top performers. Bill's signature program is based upon years of practical business experience.


Break Through The Wall Of Frustration

The Wall of Frustration is the point in business where owners get stuck at a certain level, nothing seems to work, it becomes increasingly difficult to move ahead, and frustration grows. This is a frustration felt by all business owners at one time or another. The strategies to break through this barrier are contained in five business practices presented by Bill Van Hoy, CFP®, and described in his book "Stop Banging Your Head" available on Amazon. He describes these practices fully and gives the audience tactics they can take away and implement right away. It culminates with the audience inspired and ready to change their lives.

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